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Study of Milk Market Channel Pricing and Related Documents

Including Press Items and Proposed Legislation

updated 02/19/07
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Research and Policy Papers
Newspaper Articles and Media
Open Space
Proposed State Laws
Existing State Laws
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Research and Policy Papers

"Toward Reform of Fluid Milk Pricing in Southern New England: Milk Market Channel Policies for Connecticut and Other States"
by Ronald W. Cotterill and Adam N. Rabinowitz.
October 2006
View the Summary Sheet

"Toward Reform of Fluid Milk Pricing in Southern New England: Farm Level Wholesale and Retail Prices in the Fluid Milk Marketing Channel 2003 to 2006"
by Ronald W. Cotterill, Adam N. Rabinowitz, Michael A. Cohen, Melanie R. Murphy, and Charles R. Rhodes.
February 2007
View the Action Summary Sheet for Connecticut
View the Action Summary Sheet for Massachusetts

"Toward Reform of Fluid Milk Pricing in Southern New England: Analysis of Proposed State Level Milk Regulation Policies in CT and MA"
by Ronald W. Cotterill and Adam N. Rabinowitz.
February 2007

Newspaper Articles and Media

In Niger, Trees and Crops Turn Back the Desert
Print and Electronic
Hartford Courant. State Milk Farmers: Got Hope?
April 14, 2006
Hartford Courant. Not Cowing Down to the System: Battered by depressed prices for raw milk, state farmers launch their own local brand.
May 28, 2006
The Day. Economic Squeeze Threatens Historic Working Farm.
December 17, 2006
The Day. As Milk Prices Soar, Farmers Don't Get To Share The Profits.
January 28, 2007
Times Argus. Secretary of Agriculture advocating for farmers in D.C.
February 7, 2007
Burlington Free Press. Officials explain dairy-aid funding.
February 8, 2007
The River Reporter. Wayne County dairy farmers are hurting: Many may go out of business.
February 8, 2007
Worcester Telegram. Farmers confront crisis.
February 8, 2007
Hartford Courant. Aldi Gets Aggressive: Low-Price, No-Frills Grocery Chain to Add 50 Stores in State.
February 11, 2007
Portsmouth Herald. N.H. could follow Vermont in aiding dairy farmers.
February 13, 2007
Cheese Reporter. Survey Finds Excessive Retail Profit On Fluid Milk Sales In Northeast US.
March 2, 2007
Food Navigator. Tesco offers better deal to dairy farmers.
April 8, 2007
Boston Globe. Milk and political kindness.
April 8, 2007
Council of Northeast Farmer Cooperatives E-letter. New York State Approves Dairy Payout to Producers.
April 8, 2007
Boston Globe. Summer dairy prices headed up, Warning comes as producers seek aid, citing woes last year.
April 12, 2007
NBC30. Milk Madness - .00 Per Gallon?
May 2, 2007
Open Space
Hartford Courant. Litchfield Hill Turning Blue.
January 7, 2007
Hartford Courant. Closing In On Open Vistas.
January 14, 2007
Hartford Courant. Anti-Sprawl Tactic Mulled.
January 15, 2007
Hartford Courant. A Good Public Investment.
January 28, 2007
Other Press
The New York Times. Amber Fields of Bland.
January 14, 2007
The New York Times. In Niger, Trees and Crops Turn Back the Desert.
February 11, 2007

State Laws

Proposed State Laws
Proposed State Level Milk Regulatory Policies

A Milk Commission
Vetne Opinion of Milk Commission - December 11, 2006

A Marketing Board
Draft Bill for a Marketing Board - December 14, 2006
Emails Re: Marketing Board - Commerce Clause Analysis - December 14-18, 2006
Vetne Opinion of Marketing Board - December 18, 2006
Emails Re: Additional Vetne Opinion of Marketing Board - December 22, 2006

Legislative Testimony and Related Documents
Vermont, New Hampshire and New York State Legislators Working Together to Address Dairy Crisis... by Marge Kilkelly, Director of The Northeast States Association for Agricultural Stewardship (NSAAS).
Testimony of Robert D. Wellington at the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources Public Hearing in Boston, MA, March 20, 2007.
Support for Connecticut Legislative Action
Letter from Robert P. Jacquier, Laurelbrook Farm
Letter from Robin A. Chesmer, Graywall Farms
Letter from David and Jared Morse, May Hill Farm
Letter from Benjamin Freund, Freund's Farm, Inc.
Letter from William Syme, Crop Production Services
Letter from David Jacquier, Elm Knoll Farm

Current Legislative Action
Senate Bill No. 1155 - An Act Concerning Dairy Farm Preservation
Senate Bill No. 1257 - An Act Establishing A Milk Handler Fee System
Senate Bill No. 1356 - An Act Concerning The Establishment Of A Connecticut Milk Commission
2007 Session
Existing State Laws
New York State General Business Law, Article 26, S 396-rr. Price gouging; milk.
Effective June 1991
"Investigation Reveals Apparent Milk Price Gouging."
Office of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.
July 4, 2003
"A Review of New York's Milk Price Gouging Law."
Presented at the 67th IAMCA Annual Conference.
by Charles Huff, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.
Click to view PowerPoint Version
August 19, 2003

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