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Study of Food Access and Security, plus Related Documents

updated 07/11/05

UConn Studies of Food Access and Security
Other Related Items

UConn Studies of Food Access and Security

"The Urban Grocery Store Gap." Issue Paper No. 8
by Ronald W. Cotterill and Andrew W. Franklin.
April, 1995
A Town-Level Assessment of Community Food Security in Connecticut. A Report for the Connecticut Food Policy Council and the Hartford Food System. Food Marketing Policy Center Research Monograph No. 2
by Sylvie Tchumtchoua and Rigoberto A. Lopez.
May, 2005
Community Food Security in Connecticut: An Evaluation and Ranking of 169 Towns.
A Joint Report by the Connecticut Food Policy Council, University of Connecticut, and the Hartford Food System.
September, 2005

Other Related Items

New York Times. Report on Potential Milk Threat Published.
June 29, 2005
Analyzing a bioterror attack on the food supply: The case of botulinum toxin in milk. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. by Lawrence M. Wein and Yifan Liu.
July 12, 2005
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