Reaction of the Vermont Congressional Delegation
                      To The University of Connecticut Dairy Compact Study
                                            May 1, 2001

                    The University of Connecticut study simply affirms what we have known
                    since the Northeast Dairy Compact was first instituted: the compact is good
                    for consumers and gives farmers a fair shake.

                    As the fight to renew the compact gears up on Capitol Hill, the release of
                    this study could not come at a better time. Compact opponents have
                    launched an all-out public relations offensive to convince us that the dairy
                    compact is behind the rise in milk prices. Foes of the compact are
                    well-organized and their pockets are deep, but their well-financed
                    smokescreen cannot obscure the facts.

                    Supermarket chains and large dairy processors are using the compact as an
                    excuse to inflate milk prices, attempting to drive a wedge between farmers
                    and consumers in the process. But, as this study clearly shows, market
                    abuses and increasing consolidation in the dairy industry are the true
                    culprits, not dairy farmers or our compact.