The following is quoted from The Griffin Report, MFA President Calls Supermarket-Dairy Processor Profit Theory Leading to Higher Dairy Prices 'Erroneous,' May 2001, p. 20.

The President of the Massachusetts Food Assn. (MFA) called a University of Connecticut research report that concludes that supermarket retailers and dairy processors have taken a large chuck of profit to cause higher milk prices for consumers "erroneous."

Chris Flynn, MFA President said there must be other factors which have led to the rise in dairy prices over several years.

Here is the statement issued last week by Mr. Flynn.

"Our members including a number of supermarket companies initially participated and some even supported the New England Compact.  Any report claiming that this industry is to blame for these increases in milk prices is erroneous.

In fact we have one of the most competitive, low priced milk markets in the country.  At this point we have reviewed the executive summary.  We are confident that once we have had the opportunity to examine the entire report and investigate the claims made, we will be able to effectively demonstrate that there are other factors and issues at play," said Mr. Flynn.