A Response to Consumer Federation of America
Support for the Dairy Industries' Opposition
to the Northeast Dairy Compact

Consumer Federation of America wants Consumer benefit, as they should.  They would get it by lowering farm income rather than eliminating the increase in market channel profits that comes with market power.  This choice validates the right of channel firms to ever increasing  profits at the expense of the farmer.  The farmers' only counsel is to get more efficient.  The cynical core of this reasoning is the often-forwarded claim that the increased profits of the channel are evidence of their efficiency.  Would that farmers could show their efficiency by capturing profits from the system.  Power and the lack of power are the reality today.  Efficiency is the rich man's counsel for the poor man.

Public comments by Ronald W. Cotterill at the Organization for Competitive Markets Conference, "A Food and Agriculture Policy for the 21st Century," Kansas City, May 1, 2000.