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  • Issue Papers address a particular policy or marketing issue in a non-technical manner to summarize research results and provide insights for users outside the research community.
  • Research Monograph Series is a recent addition to the set of Food Marketing Policy Center publications. Monographs are studies that are large and extensive in scope. Their size precludes presentation in the Research Report or Journal Article Series.
  • Research Reports explain research methods and communicate results. This series includes work by Food Marketing Policy Center staff and leading food marketing economists from other institutions.
  • FMPC Journal Reprints include published journal articles written by Policy Center staff and affiliates.
  • Books and Conference Proceedings are books edited or written by the Food Marketing Policy Center staff and the proceedings of conferences supported by the Food Marketing Policy Center.
  • NE-165 Journal Reprint Series contains reprints of journal articles published by research economists affiliated with Regional Research Project NE-165 Private Strategies Public Policies and Food System Performance. The Food Marketing Policy Center is the core research group for Regional Research Project NE-165. This series is no longer active.
  • NE-165 Working Paper Series contains interim and completed efforts of high quality that may ultimately be published in full or abbreviated form elsewhere. The series enables rapid distribution to key users. Includes work by research economists affiliated with NE-165. This series is no longer active.

How to Order:
One can download recent NE-165 Working Papers as well as recent Food Marketing Issue Papers and Food Marketing Policy Center Research Reports free of charge from the FMPC web site.

Paper copies of Journal Reprints are available for a charge of $2.00. Paper copies of older NE-165 Working Papers are available for a charge of $10.00 each. Paper copies of older Research Reports and Issue Papers are available for $20.00 each, $5.00 for students. Books and compendiums may be purchased for the amount indicated. Email our office at FMPC@uconn.edu for order information. Please make all checks payable to the University of Connecticut.

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