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Research Staff

Food Marketing Policy Center Staff and Researchers - UCONN and UMASS

University of Connecticut

Ronald W. Cotterill, Director
(860) 486-2742
email: Ronald.W.Cotterill@uconn.edu
personal web page: http://web.uconn.edu/cotterill

Rigoberto A. Lopez, Professor and ARE Department Head
(860) 486-1921
email: RLopez@canr.uconn.edu
personal web page: http://vm.uconn.edu/~lopez/

Rui Huang, Assistant Professor
(860) 486-1924
email: rui.huang@uconn.edu

Xenia Matschke, Associate Professor
(860) 486-8958
email: xenia.matschke@uconn.edu
personal web page: http://www.econ.uconn.edu/Matschke/matschke.htm

Joshua Berning, Postdoctoral Fellow
(860) 486-0111
email: joshua.berning@uconn.edu

Michael Cohen, Postdoctoral Fellow
(860) 486-2823
email: michael.cohen@uconn.edu
Personal Web Page: http://www.macohen.net

Adam N. Rabinowitz, Graduate Research Assistant
(860) 486-2826
email: Adam.Rabinowitz@uconn.edu

Charles Rhodes, Graduate Research Assistant
(860) 486-2836
email: Charles.Rhodes@uconn.edu

University of Massachusetts

Julie A. Caswell
(413) 545-5735
email: Caswell@resecon.umass.edu
personal web page: http://www.umass.edu/resec/faculty/caswell/

Daniel A. Lass
(413) 545-1501
email: Dan.Lass@resecon.umass.edu
personal web page: http://www.umass.edu/resec/faculty/lass/

Nathalie Lavoie
(413) 545-5713
email: Lavoie@resecon.umass.edu
personal web page: http://www.umass.edu/resec/faculty/lavoie/

Christian Rojas
(413) 545-2496
email: rojas@resecon.umass.edu
personal web page: http://www.umass.edu/resec/faculty/rojas/

Cooperating Research Personnel at Other Universities

Alessandro Bonanno, Pennsylvania State University
(814) 863-8633
email: abonanno@psu.edu
web: click here

Benaissa Chidmi, Texas Tech University
(806) 742-1921 ext 250
email: benaissa.chidmi@ttu.edu
web: click here

Tirtha P. Dhar, University of British Columbia
(604) 827-5154
email: tirtha.dhar@sauder.ubc.ca
web: click here

Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto
(416) 946-8604
email: agoldfarb@rotman.utoronto.ca
web: click here

Guenter Hitsch, Chicago University Graduate School of Business
(773) 834-7680
email: ghitsch@ChicagoBooth.edu
web: click here

University of Connecticut
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